Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 2010

Well, its 2010 and I am 36 years old. My friends Rachel, Heather, Joan and my cousin Elizabeth came over . . .I am truly amazed. . .we had cake, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, I watched the movie Up and Serendipity and made a couple necklaces!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forgiveness is an amazing and powerful thing. It really can heal the soul.

I like this poem.

Let each man learn to Know himself

Let each man learn to know himself;
To gain this knowledge, let him labor,
Improve those failings in himself
Which he condemns so in his neighbor.
How lenient out own faults we view,
And Conscience' voice adroitly smother;
But oh! how harshly we review
The self-same errors in another!

And if you meet an erring one
Whose deeds are blamable or thoughtless,
Consider, ere you cast the stone,
If you yourself be pure and faultless.
Oh! list to that small voice within,
Whose whisperings oft make men confounded,
And trumpet not another's sin, You'd blush deep if your own were sounded.

And in self-judgement, if you find
Your deeds to others are superior,
To you has Providence been kind,
As you should be to those inferior:
Example sheds a genial ray
Of light which men are apt to borrow:
So, first improve yourself today,
And then improve your friends tomorrow.

Author Unknown

In my personal opinion my personal improvement and my children's is enough to keep me busy for all eternity and never give anything else out to anyone. :)