Monday, June 15, 2009

June 10--Miss Odette's 7th Amazing Birthday

Well, I truly cannot believe my sweet daughter is Seven. . . .well I know Heavenly Father has big plans for her. . .I am blessed to be her Mom!
We had a party with her kindergarten class and a party with grandma's aunts and cousins at the carousel. . . then we had another one with friends.
She definitely deserved every moment of every one.
I really like this poem. . .
A Little Prayer
That I may not in blindness grope,
But that I may with vision clear
know when to speak a word of hope
Or add a little wholesome cheer.
That tempered winds may softly blow
Where little children, thinly clad,
Sit dreaming, when the flame is low,
Of comforts they have never had.
That through the year which lies ahead
No heart shall ache, no cheek be wet,
For any word that i have said
or profit I have tried to get.
S.E. Kiser

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