Monday, January 5, 2009

Kitchen and the Dentist

Well, Dale has got the cupboards in and still needs to do the dishwasher but hey. . . .i am not complaining.

Today we took Odette to the dentist and they told us we would have to wait to April to get her teeth cleaned and she would have to be under anesethetic at St. Pats because they have to pull teeth also. Her adult teeth are growing in as well as her baby teeth. . . it is a mess in there.

She started back up with school today, she was a little fussy when she got home but all in all doing very well.

Sabra is playing with magnetic alphabet on the fridge right now and waiting for mac and cheese to boil on a hot plate because we still do not have a working stove.

I love my life, I am going to be 35 on Sunday eeeek.

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